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Towards cleaner, safer and transparent estuaries

with open access to data, information and technologies.

Standardised Methods

Sampling Protocol

Sample Label

Sampling Data Log

Example Data Log

Standardised Methods


  • Chen, C., Lai, R.W.S., Leung, K.M.Y. (2023). Discover the Global Estuaries Monitoring Programme - A global network monitoring contaminants in estuaries worldwide. An article published by Decade Collaborative Centre for Coastal Resilience:

  • Wu, R.B., Sin, E.Y.Y., Cai, L., Wang, Y.J., Hu, M.H., Liu, X.S., Xu, W.Z., Kwan, K.Y., Goncalves, D., Chan, B.K.K., Zhang, K., Chui, A., Chua, S.L., Fang, J.K.H., Leung, K.M.Y. (2024). Pharmaceutical residues in edible oysters along the coasts of the East and South China Seas and associated health risks to humans and wildlife. Environmental Science & Technology, in press.



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