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Join the Global Estuaries Monitoring (GEM) Program Kick-off Meeting

Updated: May 10

Global Estuaries Monitoring (GEM) Program, a key initiative under the UN Ocean Decade Programme, represents an international consortium working towards a common goal of identifying and assessing the risks of contaminants of emerging concern in our global estuaries. A project kick-off meeting will be held via Zoom at 1 pm (GMT-time) on 27 June 2023, with a lineup of experts and partners from more than 70 countries and regions. Participants will be able to discover our recent developments in pharmaceutical analysis and monitoring in estuaries, and learn how we are collaborating to protect our precious ecosystems. Don't miss this exciting opportunity to contribute to environmental protection and team up with renowned researchers in the field!

Register now to secure your place and receive the Zoom meeting credentials.

Join our international consortium for sampling:


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