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GEM Research Team Receives a Thank-You Letter from National Maritime Museum of China

30th April 2024 - The GEM Research Team received a heartfelt thank-you letter from the National Maritime Museum of China, expressing gratitude for our support during the “Voyaging Through the Vast Seas: China’s Maritime Technology and Culture Exhibition” held as part of the Ocean Decade Week in Barcelona.

The exhibition, which showcased China’s rich maritime heritage and technological advancements, was a resounding success, drawing significant attention and praise from visitors. The GEM Research Team played a crucial role in supporting the Session of Ocean Decade and China’s Progress, providing valuable expertise and contributing to the overall success of the event.

The Thank-You Letter serves as a testament to the fruitful collaboration between the GEM Programme and the National Maritime Museum of China. It highlights the importance of mutual cooperation in advancing oceanographic research and raising awareness about the significance of the world’s oceans.

The GEM Research Team extends its gratitude to the National Maritime Museum of China for the recognition and expresses its commitment to continuing to contribute to the advancement of marine science.


About the National Maritime Museum of China:

The National Maritime Museum of China is jointly managed by the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Tianjin Municipal People’s Government, the only national comprehensive marine museum that integrates collection, display, research and education in China. The National Maritime Museum of China are striving to be an important part of the national public cultural system, become an authoritative marine cultural relics collection and protection center, marine civilization research center, marine cultural exchange and communication center, and marine experience center, also become a national patriotism education base, a marine awareness education base and a science education base.


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