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GEM Co-Organized the 10th International Conference on Marine Pollution and Ecotoxicology

By: Xitong Fu

Between 3rd and 6th January 2024, the 10th International Conference on Marine Pollution and Ecotoxicology (ICMPE-10) was successfully held in the City University of Hong Kong. The attendants around the world shared their insights and experiences, discussed their frontier research, and exchanged the latest scientific and technological advancements in relation to marine pollution and ecotoxicology.

The ICMPE-10 was organized by the State Key Laboratory of Marine Pollution and Department of Chemistry, City University of Hong Kong. The Global Estuaries Monitoring Programme (GEM), as one of the co-organizers, actively participated in various activities.

In the poster presentation, members of GEM presented two posters on their research, and the one, presented by Ms. Demilade Tunrayo Adedipe, was awarded the Elsevier’s Best Student Presentation Award. Her poster was related to the review on global estuary pharmaceutical pollution, which highlighted the importance of GEM’s research. Mr. Ming Liu also demonstrated his achievements in the removal of pollutants using advanced oxidation processes.

GEM members also participated in the oral presentations. Dr. Chong Chen, the Programme Manager of GEM, gave a comprehensive summary of previous achievements and later expectations on the GEM Programme. At the end of the presentation, he called for contacts from any potential partnerships and collaborations. Mr. Shaopeng Xu and Ms. Xitong Fu also gave presentations on their recent research progresses.

On 5th January, GEM Workshop was held for scientists who were interested in the current situation and potentials of this programme. Hosted by Dr. Chong Chen, the workshop covered three key areas: ‘Contaminants of emerging concern (CECs)’, ‘Passive samplers for CECs in global estuary water’, as well as ‘Challenges and suggestions for GEM Programme’. These thought-provoking speeches sparked lively discussions among attendees.

The active participation of the audience was also acknowledged as a valuable contribution to the event.

The conference was a remarkable success, and we, as the GEM Team, were honored to contribute to this memorable event.


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